AETHOS is a Nature Sanctuary for ALL to flourish.


AETHOS is a pioneering endeavor to unify humanity and raise the vibration and level of consciousness on the planet. AETHOS focuses on educating and empowering individuals in the following areas:

~ Natural healing and wellness
~ Spiritual advancement and consciousness
~ Creative expression through music, organic food and the healing arts
~ Yoga, meditation and dance
~ Sacred architecture and gardening
~ Sustainable living and earth medicine
~ Heart-based leadership
~ Journeys to the sacred

AETHOS lies in the heart of Mount Airy, North Carolina and the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains on a magical land, waiting to be of service to humanity. This land is teeming with natural Earth energies and sacred healing waters from mineral springs that were deemed “the Fountain of Health” in the late 1800’s. These healing waters attracted visitors from Europe, South America and across the United States. The land also rests on the Earth’s energy “Ley Lines”, thus creating energy vortices with extraordinary healing abilities. In ancient times, these ley line crossings were sought out to build sacred temples in the local communities.

The magic of AETHOS goes beyond the tangible healing abilities of the land and water. It is a nature sanctuary that honors each individual on their path to health and wholeness, allowing individuals to be the full expression of who they are and to connect to their divine abundance. This is our birthright!



Jennifer O’Brien Payeur
tel: (704) 562-6272

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